Martis Lite GPS

Create and edit GPS vector maps

The Martis application was designed to be is a software program that lets you create and edit GPS vector maps visually with the focus on Garmin devices and maps.

A special attention was given ease of use. If you ever worked with a vector graphics program you'll be familiar with creating Maps in a minimum of time. You just have to draw some lines and points. However, the creation of GPS maps is not a trivial task and it takes a lot of time to create a good map even for a small area.

With Martis you can:

- Create new Maps for your Garmin device.
- Import and edit existing maps from various formats and sources.
- Can download Maps from OpenStreetMap.
- Edit maps just like as in other vector graphics programs.
- Capture position data from a connected GPS device and record tracks.
- Calculate short and/or fast routes.
Here are some key features of "Martis Lite":

· Load and Save Maps in Polish Format, OSM and its own XML like file format.
· Load ESRI shape, MapInfo MIF and TAB files.
· Load and Save Tracks, Routes and Waypoints in GPX format and KML.
· Download maps from OpenStreetMaps.
· Compile the map to a Garmin IMG file using cGPSmapper and/or mkgmap with just one click.
· GPS Tracking using the Garmin protocol via USB and COM and NMEA via TCP/IP and COM. Automatically records the track in given interval and/or distance.
· Simulate GPS position data.
· Polyline and Polygon simplification using the Douglas Peucker Algorithm.
· Route finding using the A* algorithm.
· Unlimited Undo/Redo and all other usual editing functions.
· Guide Lines
· Editing the map as like in any other vector graphics program.
· Additional components: Alitmeter, Speedo meter (also for vertical speed), Compass, Altitude profile, Ruler (indicating map coverage, viewing area and GPS track pointer), threaded MiniMap.
· Threaded search engine.
· Map validation, find common pitfalls.
· Add bitmaps to the map and georeference them. Read GPS position from EXIF data.
· Support for Garmin Levels and Layers as found in other graphics programs.
· Map legend.
· You're completely free how to arrange all the windows and you can even save them. If you know Delphi, it's similar to Delphis Desktops.
· Due to the use of separate threads for time expensive operations, it takes advantage of modern multi CPU/Core/Thread computers.
Supports the following projections (there are still some esoteric projections which are not (yet) implemented):
· UTM North
· UTM South
· British National Grid
· Dutch RD Grid
· Gauss Kruger, also known as Transverse Mercator
· Germany DHTN
· Irish Grid
· Irish Transverse Mercator
· New Zealand Map Grid
· New Zealand TM 2000
· Italy Zone 1
· Italy Zone 2
· Russian SK 42
· Swedish RT90 25 gon W
· Swiss Coordinate System
· Miller Cylindrical
· Mercator
· Albers Equal Area Conic
· Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area (Polar and Oblique)
· Lambert Conformal Conic
· Sinusoidial
· Equidistant Conic
· Cassini
· Stereographic (Polar and Oblique)
· Azimuthal Equidistant (Polar only)

What's New in This Release:
· Added MAPINFO_LANG to set the language, and Properties dialog allows to choose no language.
· Added -showfps command line switch to show current rendering performance in Frames Per Second (FPS).
· Fixed some minimap, API bugs.
· Minimap does not show picture objects.
· Fixed lots of typos in the help file, spell checker ftw!
· Fixed mysterious Exception division by zero when opening the Map properties dialog.
· Fixed some other bugs (unit conversion, division by zero, other crashes etc.).

download: Martis Lite


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