A visually pleasing but performant editing environment for free geographical data

The Merkaartor was designed to be an openstreetmap mapping program. Merkaartor focuses on providing a visually pleasing but performant editing environment for free geographical data.
Here are some key features of "Merkaartor":

· Support for KML import
· Support for ESRI Shapefile import
· A new background image layer with a basic SHP map of the world
· Improved Geotagging pictures support
· A "Style" dock
· Readonly layers
· A native SVG renderer to export your custom maps
· A custom QT style
· A "one-mouse-button" interaction preference

What's New in This Release:
· ADD : Move "validation" style rules to a new "Validation.mas" style
· ADD : Allow to align background image with +pan
· CHG : Rename "Create rectangle" to "Create rectangular building" and automatically add "building=yes"
· ADD : Remember "Create polygon" last number of sides
· ADD : "Relation->Add to Multipolygon"; allows to create or add to a multipolygon relation (closes 2889)
· ADD : Network timeout preference
· CHG : Paste Tags : Allow anyany pasting but only takes top level features into account (fixes #3174)
· FIX : When loading history from MDC, do not import the command if the layer is not found + save layers dirty level in MDC (fixes #3176)
· FIX : Locked zoom was bugged since passage to real pixel per Meter (fixes #3175)
· FIX : Allow creating a way in non-separate move mode with a virtual node selected (fixes #3172)
· FIX : Revert to custom icon for move interaction on MAC (fixes #3170)
· FIX : GeoTIFF + GDAL backgrounds: Allow to specify an automatic "source" tag via the plugin

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