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First Step is click this banner to go to the website and follow the steps :

Just click on each of the six adverts below and retrieve the special codes.

When you click the adverts, the websites will open in a new window. A new code will be generated at the top of the page after approximately 10 seconds. Once you've got the codes from each website, just enter them in the boxes provided in the form below.

Warning: Some users have complained that the Ning sites do not generate the ads code because the HTML code of the Ning sites automatically closes the generator bar code. We are trying to resolve the problem. So, for now please do not use Ning links. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If someone needs support or to ask a question, please use this link: Support
ASS: Fwebtraffic administrator

just fill the form and then click submit button, and check your email to confirm and to see the username or ID


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