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Doa Setiap Saat: Saat Memasak

Doa saat memasak:
"Ya Allah jauhkanlah kami dari keburukan makhluk(sayuran) yang engkau ciptakan ini"
"Ya Allah karuniakanlah pada kami kebaikan dari sayur yang engkau ciptakan ini"

Terpikirkan saat masak MPAsi untuk Ashlahul Amalil Akbari

Indonesian Batik

another article about indonesian batik of indonesian culture, Batik or fabrics with the traditional batik patterns are found in (particularly) Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, China, Azerbaijan, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, and Singapore. Javanese traditional batik, especially from Yogyakarta and Surakarta, has notable meanings rooted to the Javanese conceptualization of the universe. Traditional colours include indigo, dark brown, and white, which represent the three major Hindu Gods (Brahma, Visnu, and Siva). This is related to the fact that natural dyes are most commonly available in indigo and brown. Certain patterns can only be worn by nobility; traditionally, wider stripes or wavy lines of greater width indicated higher rank. Consequently, during Javanese ceremonies, one could determine the royal lineage of a person by the cloth he or she was wearing.
Other regions of Indonesia have their own unique patterns that normally take themes from everyday lives, incorporating patterns such as flowers, nature, animals, folklore or people. The colours of pesisir batik, from the coastal cities of northern Java, is especially vibrant, and it absorbs influence from the Javanese, Arab, Chinese and Dutch cultures. In the colonial times pesisir batik was a favourite of the Peranakan Chinese, Dutch and Eurasians.

10 Tips For Healthy and Natural Weight Loss

Top 10 Tips For Healthy and Natural Weight Loss

Have you been trying to lose weight with no success? Are you worried about the health effects of standard weight loss programs? If you answered yes, then you need worry no more. 

1. Eat only raw vegan foods. 
These foods will give you an abundance of enzymes, which will help your body break down fats. In their raw, unheated state you will experience so much energy, that you will want to move around a lot. This will also help to lose weight. Raw vegan food includes nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and sprouts. Raw vegan food does not include any animal derived products. 

2. Go on a detox under the guidance of a natural health practitioner. 
A detox will rid your body of many accumulated toxins. As a result, your organs will be able to work more efficiently at burning off fat. A truly healthy body doesn't contain excess fat. Find an experienced natural health practitioner who can safely and effectively guide you through your detox process. 

3. Only eat fruit before 12pm 
The liver is the organ that is mostly responsible for getting rid of excess fat. It only starts to work efficiently after 12pm. Eating only fruit until 12pm gets your bowels working, without disturbing the still restful liver. 

4. Stop eating 3 hours before going to sleep. 
Digestion slows down markedly, as you become less active during the period leading up to bedtime. Any food eaten within this time, just sits in the body until morning. Consequently, you wake up the next morning with added kilos and feeling bloated. Not eating within 3 hours of sleep, will have you waking up feeling lighter and slimmer. 

5. Have at least one glass of lemon water daily. 
Lemon water is an excellent tonic for rejuvenating the fat burning liver. Before you go to sleep at night, cut 1 lemon into 4 quarters, place it in 2 cups of filtered water then refrigerate. Sip throughout the next day. 

6. Walk without stopping for a minimum of 1 hour daily. 

Fast paced and continuous walking for no less than 1 hour daily, will get the metabolism working at optimal levels. This will then result in the speedy shedding of unwanted kilos. Select a variety of attractive and interesting locations, and walk a new route each day.

7. Use a rebounder daily. 
These mini-trampolines are highly praised for their ability to stimulate the entire body. You won't just lose weight, you will also tighten and firm skin and muscles. The results last far longer than food dieting alone. 

8. Drink a minimum 8 glasses of water daily. 
Water is crucial to weight loss. Water aids healthy digestion, which in turn helps burn fat. It also assists in the elimination of toxins. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses a day. Remember to sip slowly for good absorption. 

9. Chew your food thoroughly. 
Research shows that poor digestion can stop your body from getting the nutrients it requires to burn fat. Chewing relaxes the lower stomach muscle and triggers nerve messages, that activate the digestive process. Ayurveda science recommends chewing on one morsel of food at least 32 times, since you have 32 teeth. This, they say, is beneficial for digestion and overall health.

10. Bathe in the sun. 
Sunbathing produces testosterone, which helps build muscle and burns fat. Sunlight also produces serotonin which causes you to eat less. Make sure you sunbathe in the early morning and late afternoon only, to avoid getting burnt.

by Eve Zhu (She has written extensively on natural weight loss and healthy natural living in the modern world)

tears of gaza

lihat "Tears of Gaza" »

so tunggu apa lagi ayo nonton tears of gaza di ForFatih, saksikan dan tonton coz it's all about humanity, spirit for Gaza

SMS/notification Ringtones terbaru 2012

Best SMS/Notification Ringtones for your Smartphone/Handphone only on ForFatih
ringtones model 2012 untuk handphone, handphone biasa jadi berasa smartphone silahkan di unduh:

Dr. Web CureIt! 2012 6.00.14

Dr. Web CureIt! is Antivirus terbaik/the best, just like its name suggests, an application designed to cure your computer and clean the infected files, regardless if we’re talking about spyware or viruses.

One of the greatest things about this downloadable software is that it doesn’t need to be installed.

There are three scanning modes available, “Express”, “Complete” and “Custom”, with a short explanation provided in the right panel right in the main window.

The “Express” mode for example will scan random access memory, boot sectors of all disks, startup objects, boot disk root directory, root Windows folder, Windows system folder, user documents folder, system temporary folder and user temporary folder.

Materi Ghozwul Fikr/Perang Pemikiran

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bagus untuk memberi motivasi dan keterangan mengenai perang pemikiran untuk ADS - Rohis - Remaja

Materi Creative Thinking Problem Solving

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bagus untuk memberi motivasi bagaimana memecahkan masalah secara kreatif

Saksikan Film "Tears Of Gaza" »  nonton Tears Of Gaza

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Materi From Zero to Hero

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berisikan presentasi untuk melejitkan potensi - from ZERO to be HERO !!!

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