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Terpenjara Hati

terpenjara hati,
hai pemuda tak maukah engkau hidup bebas tiada beban
langkah ringan jalur bebas hambatan
hai pemuda tak maukah engkau merasa nikmat bukan sesaat
menunggu buka disaat yang tepat

ringan kaki melangkah
penuh ridho dan berkah
melepas hasrat yang sesaat
penuhi hak terbebas maksiat

hati terpenjara cinta
didera kemalangan hentikan cita
fikir terkuras cinta
perlahan mengikis indah dikata

langkah terhenti, susah tuk bernafas
hati yang mati, nafsu yang tak lepas

maukah engkau?

Aplikasi Android Terbaik 2012

sungguh nyaman menggunakan smartphone ber-OS android, beberapa Aplikasi Android terbaik 2012 menurut saya dan pernah saya pakai sampai saat ini:

1. AK Notepad
  • Refreshingly simple note-taking with free secure sync to Catch.com
  • The easiest notepad for Android!
  • Set reminders
  • Share notes via SMS, email & more
  • Pin notes to your home screen
  • Themes
  • Organize your notes with tags like #work #school #groceries
  • Sort & search
  • Export/import
  • Securely backup notes to Catch.com
  • Passcode
"Looks like a simple but great app, installed on two phones. But is it just me or does the current version not give you the option to select widget size? I select the note and color, but there isn't a next screen or Save button so I just have to press back and see the widget as a 1x1?"

2. Blogpost, /Blogspot for Android, Blogger clients,
Best Blogging App for Android!
App for Blogging! Blogger, WordPress and LiveJournal (soon Drupal, Joomla...). BlogPost is fast and easy to use blogging app with visual editor!
Create and Edit your posts in visual editor and manage comments. Insert and upload your photo or video from app to YouTube, Picasa or Flickr! Just shoot and post
POWERFULL VISUAL EDITOR! Support all tags: aligns, quotes, lists, text styles, fonts, more...YouTube BLOGGING! Insert your video or photo from app to Youtube, Picasa or Flickr!
Main features of the Visual Editor:
  • Text styles: all standart fonts (Arial, Courier, Georgia, Helvetica, Times, Trebuchet, Verdana), text size, text styles (bold, italic, underline, strike), colors (foreground and background);
  • You can insert links, photo (which will be uploaded to Picasa or Flickr), video (which will be uploaded to YouTube);
  • Paragraph styles: aligns (left, center, right), lists (numbered list or bulleted list), quote;
  • And even tag "More"!
This a perfect blogger client. Thank you
3. InstaFetch

InstaFetch = Instapaper + Android(tm) = Awesomeness
InstaFetch lets you save complete web pages to your mobile device for offline reading or listening.
It integrates with Instapaper.com - the best service to use, if you don't have time to read an article but want to read it or listen to it later.
Why is InstaFetch awesome? With it you can:
- save pages to Instapaper directly from your Android-powered device,
- synchronize with your Instapaper account and download full contents of web pages that you want to read later,
- have the best possible reading experience on your Android-powered device thanks to NReadability's awesome mobile transcoding engine,
- listen to your articles using Text-to-Speech technology,
- save articles to Evernote.

PRO features:

  • support for Instapaper folders,
  • full-screen reading,
  • paged reading (automatic pagination of articles),
  • Text-to-Speech capabilities,
  • night mode (bright text on dark background),
  • possibility to star articles,
  • integration with Evernote,
  • Wi-Fi-only mode for auto-sync,
  • priority support.

Want to know more? Visit InstaFetch Homepage: http://www.instafetch.com
Works great, and developer is quick to bugfix.
4. Dolphin Mini

Something fast, something simple, something new! It is Dolphin Browser Mini.
Something powerful, something elegant, something valuable! It is Dolphin Browser® Mini.
Something fast, something simple, something new! It is Dolphin Browser Mini.
Browsing made wonderful.
Dolphin Browser® Mini aims at providing a friendly user experience for all of you.
Enjoy this new version now and let us know how it works for you.

*High speed responsibility
*Speed Dial Homepage
*Innovative Menu design
*Infinite tabs browsing
*Intelligent back & forward button
*Powerful Copy Text (Select Text)
*Multi-tab browsing
*Multi-touch pinch zoom
*Tool Box
*RSS Detection
*Bookmarks sync
*Bookmarks/History/Most Visited
*Flash Support for Froyo
Very fast and intuitive. Simple things like being able to exit from the menu (you'd think this would be obvious) that isn't available in other browsers.
5. Catch Notes

Use Catch to capture what matters.
Recommended by: TechCrunch: "10 Apps All New Android Users Should Check Out", O’Reilly Media: "Best Android Apps, The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders”, PCWorld: "10 Hot Honeycomb Apps for Business" and Datamation: "50 Must-Have Android Apps".

Catch is a free, feature-packed app that allows you to capture your ideas and experiences across all your devices with secure auto-syncing to the cloud.  Capture photos, jot notes, record voice memos, map your location and attach reminders.  And now private and shared Streams lets you gather your notes into collections which can be used as a personal private folders or shared as a private, collaborative spaces.
With Streams you get:

  • A fast, lightweight platform that provides flexibility for mobile users to keep their Streams private or share and collaborate with others
  • Easy management of shared Streams for inviting and managing contributors
  • Up to three streams for free

Key features:

  • Access features quickly with an updated dashboard on smaller devices
  • Add text, multiple voice recordings and multiple images to any note
  • Backup notes for free across all Android and iOS devices and on the web with secure sync to Catch.com
  • Improved ability to filter notes by chronology, multiple tags, stars and more
  • Full support for tablets running Android 3.0+ for a wide-screen experience
  • Email notes in by sending them to note@catch.com
  • Use inline #tagging to organize and find your notes easily
  • Scan product barcodes to capture gift ideas

Upgrade to Catch Pro to attach PDF/Office files, to create up to 10 streams and upload up to 1GB of new content each month or to Catch Premier for up to 50 streams and 5GB of new monthly content.

Learn more: https://catch.com/learn-more/why/
Note that the ‘Read contact data’ permission is there only so you can easily pick email addresses from your existing Contacts list when inviting people to your streams.
I can now sync notes from my tablet, computer and phone. No more emailing links and notes to myself so I can save later.

6. Update soon :D


Syafaqah artinya lembut dan halusnya perasaan. Dalam makna positif syafaqah diartikan sebagai sikap jiwa yang selalu ingin berbuat baik dan menyantuni orang lain serta penuh kasih sayang.

Sikap seperti ini digambarkan Allah SWT dalam QS Ali Imran: 159,

”Maka disebabkan rahmat dari Allah-lah kamu berlaku lemah lembut terhadap mereka. sekiranya kamu bersikap keras lagi berhati kasar, tentulah mereka menjauhkan diri dari sekelilingmu. Karena itu ma’afkanlah mereka, mohonkanlah ampun bagi mereka, dan bermusyawaratlah dengan mereka dalam urusan itu. Kemudian apabila kamu Telah membulatkan tekad, Maka bertawakkallah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah menyukai orang-orang yang bertawakkal kepada-Nya.”

Indonesia Semata

Indonesia Semata

seolah semua tertata
penuh maksud didepan mata

hanya rakyat jelata
tak bisa mengubah hanya berkata

para pemimpin pakai senjata
kami kecil dan melata

berharap hilang semua cerita
berebut harta, berebut tahta

terus berdoa kami terbata
sepertiga malam saat gulita

merindu kisah indah mahkota
tak lawan rakyat mengabdi semata

begitu rukun tanpa sengketa
hingga dilihat tidak sebelah mata


tidak boleh sombong

sadar akan ketidakmampuan

mendekatkan pada kuasaNya

masih tertunduk
bukan atas usahaku

masih tertunduk
melainkan atas izinNya

dan diri tertunduk
tersadar betapa lemah hamba tak kuasa

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Bahwa Aku Punya Fatih

bahwa aku punya Fatih,
sebagai pengingat akan 'Amalku
sebagai penggugah akan malasku
sebagai periang akan sedihku

bahwa aku punya Fatih,
buah hati nan penyemai rindu
tertahan senang di kala itu
teringat senang Dia denganMu

bahwa aku punya Fatih,
terngiang indah nama panggilmu
teringat akan saat disisimu
teruntai maaf terkirim untukmu

bahwa aku punya Fatih,
selalu kuingat sebagai pengingat
senyum merekah tersentuh tanah
seiring salam pembatas alam

bahwa aku punya Fatih,
bertahun berpisah terindukan
berdoa berharap tertemukan
bersama berhimpun tersatukan

12 Rabiul'awal ;
Bingkisan Barokah dari Allah ArRohman