Quantum GIS Desktop Features 1.7.4

QGIS Desktop features

The major features include:
1. Direct viewing of vector and raster data in different formats and projections. Supported formats include:

  • PostGIS and SpatiaLite,
  • most vector formats supported by the OGR library, including ESRI shapefiles, MapInfo, SDTS and GML. 
  • raster formats supported by the GDAL library*, such as digital elevation models, aerial photography or landsat imagery,
  • GRASS locations and mapsets,
  • online spatial data served as OGC-compliant WMS , WMS-C (Tile cache), WFS and WFS-T

2. Mapping and interactive exploration of spatial data. Tools include:

  • on-the-fly reprojection
  • print composer 
  • overview panel
  • spatial bookmarks
  • identify/select features
  • edit/view/search attributes
  • feature labeling
  • vector diagram overlay
  • advanced vector and raster symbology
  • graticule layer
  • map decorations like north arrow, scale bar and copyright label

3. Create, edit and export spatial data using:

  • digitizing tools for vector features
  • field and raster calculator
  • the georeferencer plugin
  • GPS tools to import and export GPX format, convert other GPS formats to GPX, or down/upload directly to a GPS unit

4. Perform spatial analysis, including:

  • map algebra
  • terrain analysis
  • hydrologic modeling
  • network analysis
  • and many others

5. Publish your map on the internet using QGIS Server or the "Export to Mapfile" capability (requires UMN MapServer)
6. Adapt QGIS to your needs through the extensible plugin architecture.

source: QGis


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