what is Flash presentation software?

Flash® presentation software is a type of computer program designed to allow the creation of presentations in the Flash® file format. By using this file type, the presentations can be more easily run to create an interactive presentation, or may be provided over the Internet for use by various individuals at different locations. In this way, a Flash® presentation can be created for a single use, or as part of a larger presentation format for providing information during corporate training or repeated presenting of materials to clients. Flash® presentation software can often be rather expensive, but usually provides powerful tools for relaying information to customers or employees.

Available from Adobe®, Flash® files are typically created to allow people to interact with a program or file in a way that is helpful or in some other way effective in conveying information. These types of files are seen all over the Internet, and can be used to create simple games on websites or deep presentations with numerous pages of content. Flash® presentation software is used to create a Flash® file that can then be used in a multitude of applications.

There are a number of different makers of Flash® presentation software, each with different options, tools, or abilities for users. What these programs typically have in common is the ability to rather easily and succinctly create Flash® files that convey information. These types of files are usually interactive, and this interactivity can be as simple as “Next” and “Back” arrows on each page.

Flash® presentation software can also create more complex interactive presentations that incorporate video clips, audio commentary or narration, interactive text with various mouse-over features and built-in links between pages. These types of files can be especially helpful for presenting training materials, as they can allow users to progress at whatever rate is best for them, and provide all the necessary information in a single location. Flash® presentation software can also be used to create presentations for use in meetings or other events.

These types of presentations can incorporate video and audio clips within a slideshow, and allow the presenter to easily navigate the presentations through interactive options. Some Flash® presentation software requires the file be created within a Flash® program, while others allow other file types to be imported into the Flash® editing program, or simply allow a different file type to be saved as a Flash® file. The tools available in these programs usually vary significantly, and specific information for each program should be available from the manufacturer.


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